Young adult novels: Team Mortis 2


Size: 230 mm x 170 mm
Spine: 30 mm
Extent: 315 pages
Author: Bjorn Van den Eynde
Reference 912-5002


Team Mortis is a top secret European pilot project. As it is prohibited by law to engage youngsters as spies, their pasts and identities are erased and their deaths are staged. Officially they have ceased to exist.

title 2: The Gang of Venus

For more than a century persistent rumors have been circulating in Paris about the Gang of Venus. This gang would consist of a bunch of beautiful teenage girls who seduce, drug, rob and sometimes even kill innocent boys. Their signature: the Venus symbol pierced through by a dagger. When the renowned archeologist Edvard Pedersen suddenly disappears along with his wife and two daughters, the police only finds one clue: the Venus symbol pierced through by a dagger.

When Nielsen appears to be personally involved, Erika sets out for Paris, accompanied by Felix and Andreas. Her mission: to infiltrate a gang of girls that has never existed.

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