Young adult novels: Team Mortis 3


Size: 230 mm x 170 mm
Spine: 30 mm
Extent: 315 pages
Author: Bjorn Van den Eynde
Reference 912-5003


Team Mortis is a top secret European pilot project. As it is prohibited by law to engage youngsters as spies, their pasts and identities are erased and their deaths are staged. Officially they have ceased to exist.

title 1: The Game of Death

Two teenagers are killed in an underground labyrinth in Budapest, Hungary, after being forced to play the ‘Game of Death’. The victims Yaryna Zornow and Henrique Aguilar were no ordinary teenagers: they belonged to Team Mortis. While Brian Bailey, head of the team, had hoped this was just an isolated incident, soon afterwards the inventor of the ‘Game of Death’ reappears on the scene.

This time Brain challenges two other Team Mortis members. One of them is Erika Storm. Her mission: to travel to Dlhá Ves in Slovakia and play the ‘Game of Death’. Dozens of innocent lives are at stake. Erika has no other choice than to run the gauntlet in this dangerous game. What are the intentions of their adversary?

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