Cube books

Size : 60 x 60 mm square
Paper : 500gsm 0.685mm grey back board
Colours : : 4/0, finishing: UV varnishing
Extent : 10 spreads including cover, spine 37 mm
Series ref. : 863-0000

Colourful and friendly pages lend a hand in teaching children the basics. Two titles, house and toys, are cheerfully illustrated by Andrew Everitt-Stewart. The other two titles, farm animals and wild animals, contain expressive photos by Warren Photographic on each page. These books offer hours of fun for little hands.

4 titles: House, Toys, Farm Animals, Wild Animals

Option: counter display
Specifications counter display
Size : approx 130 X 250 X 170 mm
Paper : 500 gsm 0.685 grey back board
Colours : 4/0 on GBB LAYER
Packing : 32 copies per counter display

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