Club Fairy Tales

Size : 170 x 225 mm(portrait)
Paper : 128 gsm matt art paper
Colours : 4/4
Extent : 64pp seperate ends
N0 of words : 1500 words
Series ref. : 822-0000

A new and exciting format for the Classic Fairy Tales. Smaller in size, with easy-to-read text and delightful illustrations from the Studio Van Gool, this series is proving a great success on the continent. The 64pp books, fully illustrated in colour throughout, will provide children with an excellent introduction to the world’s classic fairy tales.

Aladdin - Alice in Wonderland - Ali Baba - Bambi - Beauty and the Beast - Cinderella - Jungle Book - The Hunchback of Notre-Dame - Snow White - Tom Thumb - Thumbelina - The Little Mermaid - The Ugly Duckling- Just so stories - Peter & the wolf - Sleeping Beauty

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