Slate books

Size : 293x216 mm portrait booksize.
Paper : 157 gsm gloss art for bookbloc .
Extent : Case cover with punched shape, 20 pp bookbloc, Magic Slate with Plastic Pencil
Binding : Cased with extra slate device
Series ref. : 868-1001 & 868-1002

DESCRIPTION : An exciting new series aimed at children who are starting to read, count, draw and write. The illustrations will invite the child to copy them on the slate, which makes it a copy and draw activity as well.
ABC : Children learn their letters as they follow the text on the colourful pages. The ABC book has a 4 colour language change for every language in the coproductions. In concertation with every publisher the illustrations are chozen and matched per language from A to Z.
NUMBERS :It is great fun learning to count, write, and draw shapes using the re-usable “magic slate” incorporated within this book.

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