Q&A The Encyclopedia

Size : 300 x 225 mm (portrait)
Paper : 130 mat art - spine 8mm
Colours : 4/4
Extent : 16 x 32 pp hardcover binding singer sew + case
Series ref. : PR 435

A great selection of questions on subjects which inspire children of about 8 years and up. Modern approach and appeal. Each title is intended to be light in tone but educational and informative. The idea being to answer the questions directly with easy to remember facts. Illustrations do not only emphasise but also substitute text. A high quality library of 16 titles. 9000 words per title.

16 titles: Space – Weird but true! – Human Body – Our World – Ancient World – Nature’s Killers – Under the Sea – Where does it come from? – Small World – Evolving Earth – Prehistoric World – The Modern World - Lost empires and legends – Rocks, minerals and fossils – Explorers – Science and dragons

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