Mega Models

Size :297 x 210 mm (portrait)
Paper :16 pp of 135 mat art 4 colour print + cover
Extra :3 modelsheets of folded double page in light board with parts kiss cut and pre scored to allow pushing out and easy + 1 instruction sheet for making each of the 3 paper modes per title.
Series ref. : 859-5000

Four colour books that give general information on the subject and are full of exciting activity! Each book has 3 Mega Models to assemble (and glue) with press outs from light 4 colour printed board.

Horses & Ponies: Heavy Horses – Thoroughbred - Wild Horses - Show Horses - Arab Horses - Ponies
With paper models: Shire Horse – Thoroughbred Horse – Cart

Mighty machines: QE2-Formula One car-Mobile crane-Humvee-Dragster-C5 Galaxy Transport-Nuclear
With paper models: Concorde - Space Shuttle – Tank

Endangered Species: Blue Whale – Californian Condor – Gorilla - Giant Panda – Rhinoceros - Tiger
With paper models: Panda – Rhinoceros – Californian Condor

Flying machines: Leonardo Da Vinci Glider – Montgolfier Balloon – Fokker Dr.1 Triplane - Bell UH-1 Huey - BAe/Aerospatial Concorde - Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk
With paper models: Leonardo Da Vinci Glider – Montgolfier Balloon – Fokker Dr.1 Triplane

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