Egg Delivery Pop-up

Size : 320 x 245 mm portait - preformed diecut in egglike shape
Paper : 400 gsm white flute board with extra fold outs in sturdy paper
Colours : 4 colour
Extent : 4 Fold out leaves + cover
Binding : BoardBookBinding
Extra : About a hundred fold out items in total
Series ref. : 870-3001

This exceptional pop-up book, with four ingenious fold out scenes, will make a great gift in spring as it is about eggs - and it's not just about eggs! It's an exciting story, from making the chocolate eggs to final delivery. Children will be able to look inside the factory where the chocolate eggs are made. It's a real production line, with real people! As it always happens, just before the deadline there's a problem – the
chocolate is melting! How can the factory workers solve the problem? They will just have to make all the eggs again and deliver them as fast as possible! Just in time delivery has been invented here!. In each of the scenes there is fun to be had finding ten objects hidden in the picture. Scene 1: clocks -Scene 2: flashing lights -Scene 3: helmets Scene 4: easter eggs

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